This year, Easter style means so much than the quintessential Easter outfit. It’s about WHAT we choose and HOW we choose to wear it. How we celebrate this sacred occasion, normally shared with loved ones, in these uniquely challenging times, IS what Easter style is all about. So, let’s get crackin’!

Easter Style 2020 looks this. It’s celebrating and honoring traditions, while creating NEW ones. It’s about connecting with friends and family, and to a deeper part of ourselves. It’s about celebrating life, the cycles of rebirth and renewal. And it’s also about the family photo and pulling out all the stops to capture the spirit of your family at this moment in time. After all, it’s going to go viral amongst extended family and friends. So, make it fun and uniquely YOURS! By the way, everything you need is already in your closet. Just crack it open and create some 2020 Easter magic. To get you started, here are some tips from our own fashionistas.

“miss honey bunny” suggests going down the rabbit hole for one of your favorite dresses and giving it a springy Easter refresh. There are no rules, just keep it hoppin’! Throw on an unexpected accessory like a cool, funky belt or an elegant cardigan, and of course that special necklace made by your chickadee! Nothing is more unique than a handmade gift from your child. Say YES to scarves, in your hair, around your neck, on your handbag, around your waist, as it’s all about the attitude Dahling! Accent your fabulous look with your favorite pair of earrings, truly your favorites!  Shoes are optional. No rules! Remember, you’re egg-hiding, cooking, eating, Skyping and hopping around. Lastly, add a splash of your finest fragrance – springtime fresh or the usual standby will work, too. My personal fave is Eau de CoCo! 

“mr. more hip than hop” wants to remind his fellow fashionistOs that it’s all about the family photo. So, beer tees are not an option, unless you own a brewery (that’s just good advertising!). He says with confidence that it’s really ok to wear pink! If it’s in a multi-colored tie, no one will notice. Layering with a pastel sweater is so hip and achieves that feeling of spring, especially if all your shirts are primary colors. (Permission granted to take off the sweater AFTER the photo.) The most important tip is to bring your well-groomed A-GAME smile. Shine those chicklets up like candy. And by all means, smell good!

the lil chickadees” chirp that if you beg really hard, maybe you can wear your favorite Frozen princess dress or superhero jammies! But Mommy Bunny says we want create the best family photo of all the families in our family, SO the unicorn rainbow top with glitter is a perfect. Ummmm, maybe the dress with lots of pink flowers and ruffles with the jean jacket is better. As Daddy Hop says, it’s all about layering. But maybe something with BIG pockets for when you find all the Easter eggs WITH money would be the best! Nah, that’s what Easter baskets are for. That’s a definite must-have! Shoes must have glitter somewhere for sure. Lil annoying brother can wear whatever Mommy picks, probably a colorful onesie and some cute shorts that match. He doesn’t get big pockets though, LOL! Finally, bunny ears are the perfect topper! Pink for you and yellow or blue for annoying brother.

2020 Easter Family Photo complete with styling tips is now ready for its closeup!

During these challenging times of isolation when special occasions like Easter are meant to be shared TOGETHER, creating new ways of celebrating with whom we love has never before been literally at our fingertips. There are some chat apps that are free and can accommodate multiple users at once. Wishing you all a blessed happy Easter!