No matter what your daily life entails — traveling every week for work, chasing toddlers through playground tunnels, taking pups to the dog park or meeting friends for Thursday night shuffleboard league — jeans have become THE staple item in your wardrobe. Not only are they comfortable and versatile, but they are the key to transitioning from one style to the next with minimal effort. Just swap out your top and shoes and, Abracadabra! A whole new outfit emerges.

That being said, there are so many denim styles to choose from and, try as we might to branch out with different trends, we’re usually sucked back into the gravitational pull of a certain perfect pair. So what does that tried & true style say about our fashion personality?

If trying different jeans is like the physical manifestation of reading tarot cards, what would we find out about ourselves? Does leaning towards classic, dark-washed bootcut jeans mean we’re comfortable with traditional rules and wise in the ways of what fits our body best? Or, if we’re up for trying a pair of high-waisted, 70’s inspired flairs, are we more open to change and ready to spin the wheel of fortune?

It’s fun to think about how getting dressed every day is more than just a required task, but a process that ultimately reveals a little something about the personality within. Here are 3 denim fits we love, and some ideas about what wearing them might reveal about you!



Leg-elongating and classic in cut, this style may seem unassuming, but definitely knows how to have fun! During the week you pair these with a white button-down and tailored jacket for lunch meetings and laundry, then—lookout weekend!—on go the cowboy boots and out comes your inner Shania Twain! The beauty of a bootcut life is that it stays steady in the face of tumult and then breaks out of the mold when it’s time for a little excitement!



Versatile, playful and curve-hugging, this style is always up for a new adventure. Whether you’re taking things to the edge with coated denim & artfully rendered rips, or keeping things streamlined with high-waisted, indigo-hued, ankle-cuts, skinny jeans love the hybrid life. Your personality calls for flexibility—who wants to be tied down to only one look?—and a forever young mentality that makes every day fun.



Business in the front, party in the back! This style is no wallflower and thrives on the addition of a little extra decorative dazzle. Maybe, on the outside, your personality seems a little quiet and demure, but stand back because just a quick spin reveals that there’s a spark inside that can’t be tamed! Mix things up by pairing this style with a bright sweater or stacked bootie, just know that whatever the look, it will never be boring.